5 Steps to Success

At 56 years of age here’s where I’m at now and I imagine many of you are with me….I don’t need to be wowed by big ideas anymore.  I just want simple concrete things that I can learn and incorporate into my life to make me a better person.  I found some of those simple little nuggets of Biblical wisdom in 1Timothy 4:6-16.  I have tons of notes written in my Bible from sermons, conferences, seminars, Sunday School lessons, etc.  If I knew where these notes came from, I’d be more than happy to give credit for its authorship, but all I had in my Bible were these notes about the 5 Steps to Success. Read on and be encouraged friends!  If you want to be successful, incorporate these five steps with fidelity.

  • Right Direction – Think about your life right now.  Is the direction you are heading going to get you where you should or want to go?  If not, make a course correction.  Get some more education; look for a different job but don’t settle for less that God’s best! 
  • Right Diet – You have to find balance in your diet.  Feed your physical, spiritual and emotional body the right nutrients.  If all three parts of you are healthy, then you’ll have taken a huge step toward success.
  • Right Discipline – This is the noun, not the verb form of discipline.  Train yourself to act in accordance with the rules.  Engage in the activities, exercise and regime that will develop the skills needed to succeed.  Just as you feed on the right diet, the right discipline dictates that you stay away from these success killers: fatigue, griping and grumbling, gossip, anger,  bitterness, and lack of self-control.
  • Right Desire – Here’s the question; why do you do what you do?  Spend some time and write a personal and professional mission statement on that big question. 
  •  Right Determination – Pay close attention to details; keep the main thing, the main thing.  In your life and profession, what is the main focus?  Figure it out and don’t forget it!        

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  1. Great post, Randy! Very encouraging!


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