Day 3/365 – A Year of Encouragement

Have you ever been at the point of giving up?  I have and I bet most of you have been there too.  What is it that gets us through those difficult times?  For me, it has been those dear saints who made it a point to be an encourager to me.  Many of them have moved away, and some have passed away.  This has caused me some sadness because I’m wondering, who will fill their shoes?  Then it hit me; maybe I’m the one who needs to be the encourager.  God puts us in situations where we need the greatest work.  If we need to learn patience, He puts us in situations where we tend to be impatient.  If we need to learn to love, He puts people in our lives that are hard to love.  Get the picture?  We all need to be encouraged, so maybe we should become the encourager.

Years ago, the great UCLA basketball coach, Pepper Rogers was having a bad season.  He was getting lots of criticism from the press, the alumni and even his wife, who was one of UCLA’s biggest fans!  Reflecting back on that time, Pepper said, “My dog was my only friend.  I told my wife that every man needs at least two friends in his life.  She bought me another dog!”  Coach Rogers needed a healthy dose of encouragement, not another dog!

Thirty-five times in the New Testament we see a recurring word pattern; an action verb followed by the phrase “one another.”  For instance, we are told to: prefer, accept, greet, encourage, forgive, comfort, wait for, and honor…one another.  Learn how to do these key verbs and you’ll learn how to relate to others in a loving, Christ-like way. 

The most frequently mentioned “one another” in the Bible is to “Encourage one another.”  Perhaps it is the most mentioned because it is the most needed!  Hebrews 3:13 says we are to “encourage one another DAILY!” 

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