Day 5/365 – A Year of Encouragement

Friends, some of the people who need encouragement the most are those who stand before us every Sunday.  Encouragement strengthens and reinforces someone who is on the right course.  We often need encouragement, not because things are going wrong, but because we’re just tired of doing that which is right and good.  Even that which is honorable and good can, in time, become mundane and laborious.  Galatians 6:9 calls it becoming “weary in well doing.”  For instance, have you ever thought how difficult it must be for a pastor to prepare a new, fresh message each week?  Every Monday morning he starts his week with a blank sheet paper!  Even though he may enjoy research and sermon preparation, after years of preaching it can become wearisome.  How about those pastors in smaller churches who hold down a full-time job in addition to the stresses of shepherding a church?  Those guys need our encouragement.  How about those who lead us in worship? Every week, there is much time spent in thoughtful, prayerful work considering what elements of worship can encourage the church to enter into a moment of worship.   There is much time spent in rehearsals making sure that the music paves the way for powerful worship.  Friends, this week let’s encourage our pastors, worship leaders and our other ministers on our church staffs.  They need to hear from you!  Be enouraged today friends for the Lord is near!

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