Day 8/365 – A Year of Encouragement

Yesterday is gone and there is no guarantee of tomorrow; all we have is today.  How much time do you waste regretting the missed opportunities of yesterday or thinking about the future?  Friend, you are not guaranteed a tomorrow; all you have is today!   Sure there may be an opportunity to make up for yesterday’s mess up or future opportunities for making money and doing business but I’m talking about the missed opportunities of touching someone’s life.  Think about all those times when you should have called a friend or family member and didn’t do it; you missed the blessing!  It’s those missed opportunities to make that call that we’ll never get back.  I learned a long time ago when those thoughts come into my mind to make that visit or call, to write a note of encouragement or send that special email or text message that the Holy Spirit was speaking to my spirit to get up and move!  You see, God knows when someone needs a special touch from you and He gives you the opportunity to exercise your faith and be obedient!  It’s a powerful thing when you contact someone and say “I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you.”  We must take advantage of every one of those opportunities.  My challenge to you today is to listen for the Holy Spirit because He will speak into your spirit when He wants you to reach out and make that contact.  Be encouraged today friends, for the Lord is near!

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