Day 16/365 – A Year of Encouragement. “Rekindle!”

I heard a sermon recently from Pastor Joe Laughlin about the word “Rekindle.”    Pastor Joe reminded us that no fire will burn forever on its own. Eventually the fuel source is consumed and fire goes out.  If you want the fire to stay lit, you must “Rekindle!”   Rekindle means to excite, to stir up, or rouse anew.  Also, it means to cause to begin burning again; or ignite again.  What is it in your life that once burned hot but now has grown cold and needs to be rekindled?  Has the love and passion for your spouse grown cold?  The fire is probably still there but it must be rekindled!  Think how blessed, and surprised, your spouse would be if you did something concrete to rekindle the fires of passion in your marriage!  Find your spouse’s love language and learn speak that language!  I guarantee the return will be amazing!!

Has your love for Jesus and His church grown cold?  Remember the days when worshiping with His church was a highlight of your week?  Some of you have special gifts you once used in the church.  Perhaps you have a special gift of music but yet you haven’t used your gift in the church for many years.  Some of you have the gift of teaching or serving, yet you are not teaching or serving in His church.  Both you and the church are missing a great blessing if you are not using your God-given gifts. A word of advice… If you are in a church that won’t let you use your gifts, there is a church up the street that will!  Don’t stay in a church that won’t give you an opportunity to use your gifts.  My friends, it’s time to “Rekindle!”  Be encouraged today friends, for the Lord is near!


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